Welcome to Relic Protocol

Using zk-SNARKs, Relic Protocol gives smart contracts access to all of Ethereum’s historical data, enabling entirely new types of applications to be built.

  • Open-Source
  • Fully Decentralized
  • Maximal Security
  • Minimal Gas Costs

Practical Examples

Effortless Airdrops

Relic Protocol has made organizing fully transparent and trustless airdrops for any Ethereum project a reality. Eligible users can easily unlock tokens by providing proof of their historical on-chain activity as Relic facts. With no need for off-chain aggregation of eligible users, Relic Protocol simplifies airdrops while also enhancing transparency.

Revolutionized On-chain Identity

Relic Protocol enables users to securely validate any past activity on the blockchain, ranging from account age to contract interactions, token amounts, and more. Data can be tokenized as SBTs to integrate with Ethereum's evolving identity system or be used to restrict or give access to certain dApp users.

Historical Price Oracles

With Relic Protocol, users can create fully on-chain price oracles for any on-chain data, including DEX prices and block parameters such as gas prices. In addition, Relic Protocol provides secure access to historical prices, which can be used to establish settlements for on-chain derivatives that would otherwise lack reliable price feeds.