During the first month after the public launch of Relic Protocol, there is a special promotion period where users will be able to claim Artifacts and Relics without any fee!

Regular Schedule

Fees will be determined based on the circumstances of the Artifact or Relic.

TypeMint FeeVerify Fee
Attendance ArtifactTBDNone
Birth Certificate RelicTBDNone

If the Artifact or Relic has an associated soulbound token, then claiming the Artifact or Relic will require a small fee paid in either ETH or an ERC-20 token. Verifying that an account has an Artifact or Relic will have no fee.

For some Artifacts and Relics, there may be no fee to claim, but there will be a fee to verify that an account has the Relic. This will be part of the roadmap for Relic Protocol when we release the Reputation Relics.

Why are there fees?

Some types of Artifacts and Relics require regular upkeep. For example, the Birth Certificate Relics use the data that we regularly push to the BlockHistory contract. We have worked diligently to minimize these costs and believe that we can keep the mint fees low.