Example Use Cases

On-chain identity

Relic lets users trustlessly prove any historical on-chain activity (account age, contract interactions, token balances, etc). These facts can be tokenized as SBTs and plug in Ethereum's growing identity ecosystem, or the facts could be used directly to restrict or privilege certain users in dApps.

Relic's quintessential identity example is our Birth Certificate Relic, a fully on-chain SBT certifying an Ethereum account's age.

Fully on-chain airdrops

Using Relic, Ethereum projects can easily organize airdops in a fully transparent and trustless way. Airdop criteria usually consists of historical on-chain activity which can be proven on-chain as Relic facts, unlocking the tokens for the user. By removing the off-chain aggregation of eligible users, Relic makes airdrops simpler to execute while also increasing transparency.

To learn more, check out our airdop example.

Historical price oracles

Many DeFi products rely on external price oracles such as Chainlink for trusted pricing information. For some use cases, Uniswap's fully on-chain TWAP can remove dependence on off-chain relayers. Relic can similarly create trustless, fully on-chain price oracles for any on-chain data, including DEX prices, block parameters (e.g. gas prices), and more. These historical prices can be used to build settlement for on-chain derivatives for otherwise inaccesible price feeds.

As a proof-of-concept, we have published a trustless Ethereum gas price oracle built on Relic.